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Elements of plastic made of polypropylene (PP), designed and dedicated to a shelving system alushelf


Adjustable foots

Special designed adjustable foots made of PP: wide adjustments tolerance – the possibility of leveling uneven ground, Closed form leg – to meet high hygiene standards.


Mounting screw

Mounting screw, made of stainless steel: easy to assemble, allows to quickly change the height of the shelves without special tools, optimal shape ensures better use of storage space.



Pin: it is easy to move the shelves, you can move shelves without any tools and you can get the optimal space between shelves, used in the development of shelving, allows creation long shelve areas.



Shelving made of PP: ease to disassemble and clean – possibility to clean in dishwasher, stable properties in high and low temperatures – dedicated to HORECA and cold room storage, • maximum load 100kg per shelve

The mounting bracket: enables the installation of shelves in the corner version, allows you to eliminate one support, optimizes the corner space of the rack.